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Cooee BaseBind is a modified bitumen emulsion used as a hydrophobic binder for road base material.

Unlike many existing grades of bitumen emulsion BaseBind is used at ambient temperature and mixes readily with all water types, soft, hard, bore or salt water.

It is designed for use in roads, paths, driveways, fire trails, walking tracks, footpaths, goods yards and more.

Any situation where you want to improve the longevity and reduce maintenance costs of untreated material.


Cooee DustBloc is a modified bitumen emulsion used for dust suppression on Mining haul roads, public roads, construction sites, property's, lay down yards and more.

DustBloc is diluted with water at any ratio and applied to a surface and left to dry.

DustBloc can be stored and used at ambient temperature and is non hazardous.


DustBloc requires no additional equipment and over time will build up in the road further reducing maintenance, increasing friction and safety.

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