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Cooee Products is a family owned company on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

We supply an environmentally safe bitumen based road binder called BaseBind and a dust suppressant called DustBloc.

Cooee Products has a wide range of applications from unsealed road to dust suppression on mining haul roads or even local driveways.

Cooee was established in 2003 and has since been growing into a recognisable company in the industry capable of getting the best result.


BaseBind and DustBloc are applied with the same equipment used in normal road maintenance, it reduces costs and increases road safety. 

BaseBind and DustBloc is sprayed and mixed at ambient temperature and is non-hazardous.

Make roads with in situ material, can be used on lower grade or recycled road base.

Easily washes out of a water truck, pump and sprays but will never wash out of the road.

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