Cooee EcoTrax


Cooee EcoTrax is a modified bitumen emulsion used as a hydrophobic binder for road base material.

Unlike many existing grades of bitumen emulsion, EcoTrax is used at room temperature and mixes readily with all water types (soft, hard, bore, salt water).

It is designed for use in roads, paths, driveways, fire trials, walking tracks, footpaths, goods yards - in fact in any situation where you want to improve the longevity and reduce maintenance costs of previously untreated material.

Thus no special application equipment is required.

  • Storage of emulsion does not require specialised management.
  • Because of the low temperature of application and of storage, the possibility of heat
        degradation of the bitumen is minimised.
  • The temperature of application minimises hazards from fuming.
  • Fire risk is eliminated.
  • Cooee’s emulsion, being water-based, has obvious environmental and safety
  • The emulsion is designed so that it can be used easily through conventional spraying
        equipment and readily rinses out of water spray trucks.


    Cooee EcoTrax can be readily diluted with water. When applied at this dilution, the bitumen is released from the water-based emulsion in an amount that provides a water repelling and binding effect when mixed into road material.

    Following the removal of water, the bitumen film is left to adhere to the road material, particularly the fine grade material. Cooee EcoTrax emulsion provides a uniform and total coverage of the particle matter. This is difficult to achieve using standard bitumen emulsions. It is this complete coverage and adhesion that provides the water repelling and binding effect to the road material upon compaction.

    Environmental Advantages

  • The hydrophobic property of Cooee EcoTrax eliminates leaching issues.
  • EcoTrax is applied at room temperatures. Vapour which surrounds the spray
       equipment and the crew operating it is mainly water.

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