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About Cooee - Cooee is a manufacturing company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, with a strong emphasis on research and development.

Research activity has focussed on the modification of bitumen emulsions so that they are readily soluble with water.  The creation of these modified emulsions has led to a number of innovative techniques for using a water soluble bitumen with road materials.

Dust Suppression Cooee's Dust Control System is a cost effective dust suppression system used in large mines. It combines the benefits of Cooee's DustBloc dust suppressant with live telemetry monitoring technology. Cooee's DustBloc is also used by Cooee and its contractors as a dust suppression product for rural roads, driveways and development sub-division sites.

Road Stabilisation Cooee's EcoTrax is diluted with water and mixed with road material as a binding agent and compacted to reduce the effects of rain washing away a road or driveway surface. CBR results for a wide variety are increased with the use of Cooee's Ecotrax.

TimberTreat Cooee's TimberTreat Plus Bitumen is a timber finish designed for use on timber that comes in contact with the ground. Bitumen is a natural, safe water repelling agent that enhances the capability of timber when it is in constant contact with the ground.

In the development of these products, Cooee has been able to adhere to its primary research goal – developing products that are safe to use and non-harmful to the environment.

Cooee manufactures and tests its products according to the international standards and requirements set out in ISO 9001:2008.

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